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Labor Report
James 5:4 (Contemporary English Version) You refused to pay the people who worked in your fields, and now their unpaid wages are shouting out against you. The Lord All-Powerful has surely heard the cries of the workers who harvested your crops.
276 posts
256 topics
Labor Unions Help Save Lives
by The_Night_Owl
Crime and Justice
40 posts
28 topics
Racists who terrorized a blac...
by JJ
Taxes and Responsibilities
42 posts
12 topics
IRS bullies
by Tammy
What do you say about Abortion?
21 posts
10 topics
Abortion isn't Murder, but Wh...
by Gabrielle
Homosexuality and Platonic Love For our Fellow Man
28 posts
15 topics
Rick Santorum Against "Privil...
by MCK
41 posts
19 topics
Obama's 'Ice' Man gone too fa...
by Tammy

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Trump Republicans are trying to fool us with Their Memes Marty Martorella 9 0
by Marty Martorella
You're Fired Bill! Jessica Austrum 19 2
by May
Russiagate just sore loser Democrats May 4 0
by May
Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Doubles Its Spending on Legal Fees Marty Martorella 11 1
by May
Russiagate is real MCK 7 0
by MCK
A Danger to the World - It's Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump MCK 19 1
by MCK
Trump's White House A Vortex of Scandal, Chaos and Absurdity MCK 8 0
by MCK
Jimmy Carter: 'I Could Have Wiped Iran Off The Map'—Setting The Record Straight MCK 8 0
by MCK
A Government of the People, for the People and by the People Marty Martorella 19 1
by MCK
Elizabeth Warren Just Went After Ivanka Trump’s New White House Job Tammy 39 0
by Tammy
As Bad as Noah's Flood Marty Martorella 25 0
by Marty Martorella
The Attacks Against Jewish graveyards, schools and Synagogues since Trump became President Mac 16 0
by Mac
Trump’s Business Just Got Chinese Approval To Operate Escort Services Donna M Monestia 23 0
by Donna M Monestia
If animals can get along why can't people? Johny 14 0
by Johny
Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored or FORGOTTEN Tammy 32 0
by Tammy
The Press ~ Enemy or Friend? Marty Martorella 27 4
by Jessica Austrum
This Obscure News Story, Which Should Be Huge, Shows How Trump Gets Away With Corruption Jessica Austrum 18 0
by Jessica Austrum
Republicans are attempting to end democracy in America MCK 871 8
by Marty Martorella
Trump Accused Obama Of Wiretapping Him and the Obama’s Response was Perfect MCK 16 0
by MCK
If Trump is against Trade Deals, I'll be For Them ~ Is that a Mistake? Marty Martorella 19 0
by Marty Martorella
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