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IRS bullies Rasputin 3,185 7
by Tammy
The Rich complain that they are treated unfairly. Donna M Monestia 750 0
by Donna M Monestia
Who should pay? MCK 1,563 12
by iloveoon
Tax Day Actions Demand 1% and Corporations Pay Their Fair Share The_Workers_Voice 803 0
by The_Workers_Voice
How Much for That Corporate Tax Loophole? The_Workers_Voice 821 1
by Donna M Monestia
April 15: Truth and Facts Regarding Income and Other Taxes, Short Video Clarifies Each Frankie B 1,114 1
by May
Hate and Taxes Jessica Austrum 1,066 1
by May
Big Win for America's Super Rich Frankie B 956 2
by Frankie B
Help Us Renew the Bush Tax Cuts! Jack 915 2
by Randi
Cap and Trade is an Energy Tax May 962 2
by Donna M Monestia
Republicans favor obscenely wealthy over Middle Class Captain_Joe 848 1
by Rasputin
The Immorality of High Taxes Jack 791 1
by Tammy
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