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When Americans are asked if they want Social Security they do not only say they want it, they say they are willing to pay for more. This holds true for both Democrats and Republicans. Most Americans support Medicare and Medicaid uncut or expanding. The Conservative site The Blaze reports in a telling story titled “Bad News for Social Conservatives? Annual Survey Finds Americans Moving Closer Toward Social Liberalism” details the distinct tilt of Americans toward Liberalism on most social issues.

The reality is if you ignore asking about labels and ask about people’s wants and values, it is immediately apparent that America is a Liberal country. The only reason that Conservatives have been able to deceive so many is because the right has shouted out Liberals while silencing all Progressive voices. Anyone who tells the truth about the Conservative myths are proclaimed to be heretics. The truth which the Right is trying to deny is that this has always been a Liberal nation.

When Liberals go to the polls, Liberals win. Bill Maher nailed it with this New Rules monologue.

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