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I believe as we slip into the economic disaster of more of the same failed economy of the right and a new great depression, the country will flock to the message of the founding fathers which Bernie Sanders repeats at every opportunity. This country was founded on the principals of Democratic Socialism, only at that time the term socialism had not been coined, we called it instead a Democratic Republic. Our new nation was founded on the concept that all were created equal and instead staying with the old form, where the elite control and own everything, our forefathers established a nation where the needs of the public came first. As a people we created publicly owned schools, roads, fire and police departments, libraries, post offices, a court system and of course a military all owned by the American people, that is our government, in other words - Democratic Socialism.

I have only one other thing to say and it is Go Bernie, save us from the mad man, Trump.

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I only wish that we could put Bernie in the White House next year.
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