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by Mike Hall, Jul 1, 2011

Take a look at this video from the Transport Workers (TWU) on Wednesday’s big march in Columbus where community and union activists delivered petitions with 1.3 million signatures to put repeal of S.B. 5 on the November ballot. Gov. John Kasich’s (R)  bill eliminates the collective bargaining rights of more than 350,000 public employees.

Some “people thought after the bill was passed, the fight was over,” said Melissa Fazekas of  We Are Ohio, the coalition of community, labor and faith groups that set the repeal drive in motion. But she added:

The people standing around me today are proof that while our campaign may be outspent, we will never be outworked, or out volunteered or out supported

TWU Local 208 President Andrew Jordan said, “It’s been a task to get those signatures.”

But it’s been so overwhelming that we could all come together to bring them down here….Now we have to get the message out to go and vote on Nov. 8 to repeal the bill.

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