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Take Action: Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Our current immigration system does not reflect our nation’s best values. It is time to enact humane and practical laws that move beyond the legislative stalemate of the past few years.  

Sign the petition in support of fair and comprehensive immigration reform, and we'll let President Obama and your members of Congress know that people of faith want to see reform passed this year. 

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  • President Barack Obama
  • Your Senators

As a Christian, I believe my faith calls me to view all people, regardless of citizenship status, as made in the "image of God" and deserving of respect; to show compassion for the stranger and love and mercy for my neighbor; and to balance the rule of law with the call to oppose unjust laws and systems when they violate human dignity.

These biblical principles compel me to support immigration reform legislation that is consistent with humanitarian values, supports families, provides a pathway to citizenship for immigrant workers already in the U.S., expands legal avenues for workers to enter the U.S. with their rights and due process fully protected, and examines solutions to address the root causes of migration.

I believe the current U.S. immigration system is broken and reform is necessary. I call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform with the above elements by the end of this year.

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