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This is from the League of Conservation Voters.


I have exciting news!

I’m in Copenhagen and President Obama has just wrapped up a press conference here announcing that a meaningful climate deal has been reached. While there is still much work to be done, the deal reached is a breakthrough for international climate cooperation and provides a path forward towards a binding global treaty in 2010.

Significantly, the United States and China will – for the first time – both be at the table, working to tackle the historic challenge of global climate change. Additionally, the deal allows for more transparency, as developed and developing countries have now agreed to list their national actions and commitments regarding greenhouse gas reductions.

We applaud President Obama for his leadership in helping to reach this important step toward a meaningful agreement.

But moving forward, it is now more important than ever the U.S. Senate act swiftly to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that creates new jobs, makes America more energy independent and reduces global warming pollution. Will you contact your Senators today and urge them to support the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act?  

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