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This was sent to me by the ACLJ.
It is estimated that a million Egyptians are in the streets today protesting an oppressive government. As Americans, we have a natural kinship with a revolution that could bring about greater freedom of speech and expression of religious faith - but at the risk of stability in such a critical region of the world? Should we support this uprising at the risk of Muslim extremists - who would be hostile to the United States and Israel - taking power? These are the questions many observers of the protests in Egypt are asking.

Lost among the news is the fact that 15 to 20% of the Egyptian population is Christian. Based on my conversations with our contacts in the region, they are in the streets as well, demanding greater freedom to practice their faith. They are fully aware that in a free election, a government controlled by the terrorist-supporting Muslim Brotherhood could take power. And that is exactly why the Christians in Egypt are engaged.

In my latest news analysis for the Washington Post, I discuss what this volatile situation means for Christian freedom in the Middle East and how American Christians should respond. This is a critical moment in world history, and how we react will have consequences for decades to come. How should America respond? As Christians, what should we be doing?

Please take a moment to read my latest piece for the Washington Post and make sure to register and leave your comments on the unfolding events in Egypt and the impact these events will have.


Jordan Sekulow
ACLJ, Director of Policy and International Relations

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