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Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement. But reform genuinely is getting more popular, and a recent poll has the numbers to prove it.

Guess what? Healthcare reform is getting more popular. Just a little more popular, mind you, but every little bit counts when it comes to wavering congress critters.

What's really important here, though, isn't the magnitude of the change, but just the fact that the tide is shifting. This might have something to do with the recent summit and some of Obama's more aggressive speechmaking recently, but my guess is that it mostly has to do with the fact that there's an actual bill on the table now; Democrats have something concrete to sell; Republican obstructionism has been a little too screechy for a lot of independents lately; and, most important, it looks like we're actually in the home stretch.

That, I think, concentrates the mind wonderfully. The long, dreary dog days of the legislative process are over, and now we're in the final few seconds of the game. It's exciting! And it makes some of the concrete measures in the bill just a little more.....well, concrete. It's still gonna be a close one, though.


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We have always known that the majority of Americans want to see an end to the Mafia style of insurance.  The strong arm tactics that resemble the protection rackets of the heyday of organized crime has angered all but the few reaping the rewards. It has only looked like reform wasn't popular because those few control the media and have been able to fool the less rational among us.
Jessica Austrum

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Well said, I just don't understand how anyone can vote against their best interests.  I guess that some people just don't think.  The phrase that got me most, was one coming out of these Teabagger parties, people would scream "NO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE AND KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE!"  As if they didn't get it that Medicare is a Government Health care program.
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