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Teamsters General President James Hoffa has sent you a video message.

Ground control to FedEx: your drivers aren't pilots.

Have you ever had a FedEx package delivered to your house by airplane? Of course not. But at FedEx Express, all its employees are covered by the Railway Labor Act, a law that regulates railroad and airline employees.

More than 90,000 workers at FedEx Express don't even touch an airplane. FedEx is the only freight and package delivery company in the country with this special loophole. Why? In 1996, Congress gave FedEx this special status as a political favor.

Truck drivers and sorters for every other package and delivery company in the country are regulated under the National Labor Relations Act.

It's time for Congress to level the playing field and pass the Express Carrier Employee Protection Act, which will put FedEx Express truck drivers under the proper labor laws.

The Teamsters Union has launched to urge Congress to support the Express Carrier provision. We ask you to visit the site and spread the word.

This measure is in the House version of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Bill. Contact your elected representatives now and urge them to support Express Carrier in the final version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill.

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