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 How Would You Rate Donald Trump?
 1) The worst ever, should be Impeached and Imprisoned. 9 30%
 2) He has done nothing in his first year and should resign. 7 23%
 3) Lazy. 4 13%
 4) A spoiled child who never grew up. 4 13%
 5) He looks so bad because he follows a great President, Barack Obama. 5 16%
 6) Trump is trying, but is over his head. 1 3%
 7) Trump is just getting started, give him time. 0 0%
 8) He is doing a good job. 0 0%
 9) He is doing a great job. 0 0%
 10) Best ever, better than even Reagan. 0 0%
Multiple choice poll. Total votes: 30   Please to vote.

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With 1 being the lowest rating and 10 being the highest, how would you rate Donald Trump?


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