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Last night, Jon Stewart wasn't letting the GOP off the hook in the VA scandal as they tried to blame it all on Obama, as he noted this has been going on throughout American history.
Yes, these Republican Senators have always stood up for our veterans... when they think it can help them slam the President. It's slightly different when they think no one is watching.
KARL ROVE: By improving systems, it got down to an average of about 161 days by the time that Bush left office. By 2012, it was back up above the 230 that we inherited when we came into office to 260.
Yeah, you get that? Eight years in office, and he's bragging because he's got the veterans' average wait down to 5 to 6 months. While somewhat forgetting that a good reason it jumped back up to 7 to 8 months was the Bush administration's doing as well. So I guess Rove is saying, the Bush era VA warned the Obama team not to un-solve the VA problem the Bush administration had not solved either. That's so disingenuous, even Bill "Beyonce hunter" O'Reilly (audience laughter) calls bs.  More
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