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Limbaugh Shocked Health Care Bill Would Mandate Coverage For "Women's Issues ... Including Spousal Abuse"


Published Thu, Dec 17, 2009 4:56pm ET


Rush's convoluted conspiracy: Dems need to hurry health care now so they can pass "amnesty" before the 2010 elections

By Greg Lewis

Happy Thursday! Rush greeted us this afternoon by warning his audience that it was not time to celebrate Howard Dean's attacks on President Obama over the Senate health care bill. Rush said that Dean doesn't realize it, but he's "being used." Elaborating on this claim, Rush said that there was an "effort" by the media and the White House to give Dean a lot of media access to make Obama look centrist and reasonable, when, in reality, he is as leftist and irrational as Dean.

Then Rush explained the "five elements" of why Democrats are trying to hurry the health care bill through Congress. One: The longer it's in the news, the more people learn about it and don't like it. Two: Senators will "catch hell" during the winter recess and will shift their attention toward the 2010 elections. And then, uh...three? Or was the second part of "two" the third one? The counting sort of became unclear at this point, but Rush's other "elements" for the hurry were that Democrats have to get it passed before they do amnesty because that would raise insurance too much since the CBO hasn't scored the cost of providing insurance to "illegals." Also, added Rush, they have to do amnesty before the 2010 elections...for some reason. He didn't specify why.

Next, Rush took on Obama's appearance on last night's ABC's World News with Charles Gibson. Rush called Obama tone deaf for saying that if the bill isn't passed, premiums will go up and the federal government will go bankrupt because Medicare and Medicaid are on an unsustainable trajectory. Rush deflected Obama's claims by claiming we are on the verge of a "huge uptick" of inflation.

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OMG... Health Care for women!  I think that Limbaugh hates women.
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