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Means-testing Social Security and Medicare is an idea thrown around a lot to "find savings" because, on the surface, it doesn't sound too painful. Wealthy people typically are able to save more and invest in retirement than lower- and middle-income earners, so they don't need Social Security and Medicare as much, right? Wrong.

Means-testing Social Security and Medicare is a cynical way to weaken and destroy benefits for middle-income working people.

Lynn Stuart Parramore at Alternet writes:

In Washington-speak, “means-testing” is a scheme to deny or reduce Medicare and Social Security benefits for people who are “too wealthy” in the name of saving money. It’s a counterproductive, harmful idea, but one that well-intentioned liberals often get snookered into embracing.

Parramore spoke with several economists to discuss six reasons why means testing is a real dud:

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