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Not Left Enough

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The growing global movement to indict and prosecute George W. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others for war crimes continues to gain momentum.

Everyone who is working together on this should be aware of the tremendous progress we are having in assembling a truly worldwide movement.

Ramsey Clark is heading up a major international effort with hundreds of lawyers, legal scholars and human rights leaders from countries throughout the world who are committed to prosecuting and indicting Bush-era officials.

Bush and the other top officials are undoubtedly worried right now about going anywhere in the world. Everywhere they go, people are there to demand that they be prosecuted for war crimes and torture.

Karl Rove was repeatedly disrupted by angry protesters on his recent book tour. In Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, Rove was additionally humiliated when people tried to carry out a citizen’s arrest at his speaking engagement.

Twenty-three CIA agents, who were acting under orders from Bush and Cheney, were found guilty in abstentia in a major trial in Italy.

A U.S. Federal Judge put the fear of the devil in all of the Bush team when he allowed a lawsuit brought by a torture victim at Guantanamo to proceed against Donald Rumsfeld.

This global movement will not stop. The damage caused by Bush’s crimes is too great and too many people have been harmed. As they did with the Chilean dictator Pinochet, the people will struggle for accountability until justice has been achieved. 

Bush and company are well aware that they can be held accountable.

Just a few weeks ago, an Argentinian judge sentenced former Argentinian President Reynaldo Bignone to twenty-five years in prison for the kidnapping and torture of 56 people in a torture center.

This is precisely what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld ordered. The CIA set up torture centers for people who the Pentagon or CIA kidnapped. And Guantanamo was determined by the United Nations to be a "torture center."

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff of Colin Powell, testified before Congress that at least 108 prisoners died while in U.S. detention during the Bush era, many of them from torture.

It took an arduous, long-fought campaign to bring Pinochet and Reynaldo Bignone to justice. But it is of singular importance. If high officials can, with impunity, commit murders, launch illegal invasions, create a global system of kidnapping and torture, and secretly wiretap and spy on their own citizens, it sends a message to future officials that they too can stand above the law and commit any crime.

All of us at IndictBushNow will work tirelessly and as long as it takes to hold Bush and the other criminals accountable. We owe it to the people of the world and to our children.

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