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Frankie B

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Our nation's history of great President's from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson to Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy - all of them overshadowed by one man who tragically began the destruction of America's middle class and dismantled America's greatness - Ronald Reagan.

You have to read this book.

President Obama is at the end of the road that Reagan took us down. If we were on a road trip and found ourselves lost, what would we do? We would re-track our steps to where we took the wrong turn. As a Nation, that wrong turn was with Reagan and that's where the correction must begin. We must reverse the mistake of Reaganomics which to this President's discredit, he doesn't seem to have the will or desire to do that. Then again, Republicans aren't likely to let him. For far too many of Republicans hold a blind allegiance to Reaganomic's supply side Libertarian free market philosophy which has killed the American dream and the Middle Class. For many on the Right their religion seems to be one of the cult of Reaganism.

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I don't see why Republicans still hold up Reagan as the perfect president.  He had to have been one of the worst!
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