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Tuesday, May 04, 2010
By Bill O'Reilly

President Obama is facing two situations that could badly damage his administration: the oil spill disaster in the Gulf and the illegal alien controversy in Arizona.

Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of pro-illegal alien demonstrators gathered across the country. Most of the protests were peaceful, but there was some violence. The worst was in Santa Cruz, California, where at least 18 businesses were damaged.

Apparently, the far left is using the new alien law in Arizona to vent its anger, but what is the truth behind the law that allows local and state authorities to investigate immigration status?

Governor Jan Brewer has ordered Arizona police not to question anyone unless the cops are already involved with the person. That is, investigating a violation. If police cannot prove their questioning is lawful, they can be sued.

All foreigners in the United States are required by law to carry identification, but the Arizona police cannot question them simply because of that. There has to be another reason.

Nevertheless, the far-left media in America has defined the law in Nazi terms:

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