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Marty Martorella

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I find this article troubling on so many levels.  Donald Trump should have been put into jail years ago and would have if he had not inherited such a fortune from his father.  Whereas no one is a self-made millionaire or billionaire, each person is responsible for the corruption of his/her own soul.  This is ever so true of Trump, who is guilty of so much immoral crimes and sins.  A draft dodging, tax evading, wage thieving, tuition swindling, prejudice bigot, racist segregating, perpetrator of racist and sexist discrimination, racist in-flamer, bullying, election fraud, treasonous unpatriotic traitor, intolerant thin-skin egomaniac, assaulter of women by clutching their private parts and raping children is Donald Trump.  Such a man belongs in hell for eternity and for now in jail, definitely not in the White House.  This man who thinks that he has never done anything wrong, is now planing for a re-election.  The man has no shame.

His henchmen trolling the internet in thuggish threats and trickery have been telling us to ignore Russia-gate.  Now, we know why, it is causing this madman his absolute domination upon the nation and preventing him from becoming a lifetime dictator.  They groping to hold on and ignoring the facts in their selfishness.  To that we must stand united against their evil.

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Best news I've heard, 8years of president Trump.
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