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Jessica Austrum

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In November Donald Trump announced that his family will not live in the White House when he is inaugurated. His wife and son prefer to live in New York for now. ...

Trump’s announcement has implications for all of us. Who will pay for the security required for Trump’s New York–based family? And who will bear the costs of the disruptions caused by frequent presidential flights to and from New York–area airports, not to mention the motorcades in and out of midtown Manhattan? The answer is: taxpayers or, as we used to be called, the public. That some of those costs will be paid right into Trump’s own pockets is only one of the unseemly aspects of the situation. According to the New York Post, in addition to “the cost of agents, staff and equipment and barriers that are normal in such cases,” security services will also rent space in Trump Tower, which means “taxpayers would be paying the president-elect’s own corporation” at a cost of “more than $3 million a year.”

Maybe I'm just being a sore loser, but I think if you take a job you should so do that job. Hey... What if we the people were to tell Trump that we have already paid for a home for him and his family, if they want to live else where, he should pay for it out of his own pocket. That means... Paying for the added security and rent. If not trump then maybe the Republican party should pay the bill. I mean you know that if he were to Democrat, you so know that the Republicans would be screaming bloody murder.

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Oh come on, Obama tripled the national debt and now you'll going to whine about the president's personal expenses. I wanted Jeb, but at least Trump is better than Obama.

Proud Republican

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