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I was watching at Scfy movie where these outer space aliens were taking over the world.  In this movie there were humans who were selling out the rest of mankind.  They changed the law to reclassify humanity and the aliens.  The non-humans came to own and control everything while the real humans were treated worse than cattle.  That's all a science fiction movie, but it's happening in real life, just not with beings from outer space.  This is from the Thom Heartmann blog.

Thom's blog
Your citizen activism is needed now more than ever....
Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito may not want to have heard about it at the State Of The Union address, but a new bipartisan poll, by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Republican strategist Mark McKinnons, shows that most Americans agree with President Obama's take on the Citizens United ruling that allows corporations to carpet bomb politicians with money. More than 60 percent of those polled say it's a bad idea. Opposition was found in both parties, and independents. Average Americans know what the Republican Five on the Supreme Court are ignoring - when corporations finally, completely take over America, it won't be America anymore. A corporate-run state, where the money powers own the government and the politicians - what the Republican Five on the Supreme Court have put us on the road to - has historically been known as feudalism or fascism. Think the East India Company in 1776 England, or Mussolini replacing the members of parliament with corporate representatives in the early 1930s. If we don't do something fast - probably amending the constitution to deny corporations personhood - this country, and the world, could become very authoritarian and very ugly very quickly. Your citizen activism is needed now more than ever.


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You're right on the mark, the right likes to talk about who is loyal to America, but their actions speak louder than their words.  They obviously don't care about the American people and would betray us to the interest of the multi-national corporations for a fast buck.

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