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The changes that are necessary to arrest this decline are so fundamental that they virtually require a new political order. In essence, wealth and income now flowing almost entirely to capital has to be redirected to wages, through a combination of corporate tax reform that rewards companies that boost wages at capital’s expense, a re-legalization of collective bargaining, major increases in taxes on high levels of wealth and income, and massive public works programs that move the nation towards full employment. Read more...

After thirty four years of favoring the rich, we have seen the plight of the Middle Class become cancerous.  Some in the Democratic Party have been trying to cure this decease, however many have been aliening themselves with the Republican's love for the elite.  The world use to be divided into two groups, the elite or the very rich and the poor working class.  For the rich life was good, but they were a very small group.  For the rest life was very hard and unpleasant.  If we don't reverse course and restore the Middle Class we shall see the whole world return to a third world status.
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