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Frankie B

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Since Nov. 8, 2016, thousands have joined Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The organization has ballooned to over 14,000 members, more than doubling in size from 6,500 members in May 2016. DSA National Director Maria Svart says of new sign-ups, “You could literally see the moment when Trump was declared the winner.”

Organizations such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are reporting a similar spike in new members and donations in the wake of Trump’s election. But interest in socialist groups, grown accustomed to being small and isolated in U.S. politics, appears to be surging in a way it hasn’t in decades. Many of those joining are young people who don’t have their parents’ Cold War hangups about socialism. Politicians like Bernie Sanders—an avowed socialist whom many supporters are looking to for an effective counter to Trump—have further sparked their interest in a politics outside mainstream Democrats and Republicans. Link

Could Donald Trump be the best aid to the election of Bernie Sanders or someone like him in 2020 and the growth of Democratic Socialism as the Founding Fathers intended America to be?  Often the response to evil is to move away from it.  We have seen the greed of the Far-Right for years grow in power because of the propaganda of hate radio, but when evil is seen for what it is, no propaganda can stand.  I personally can't wait until 2020, but nothing will change if we all sit back and hope for the change, we all have to get active.

Marty Martorella

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I have shared this on Facebook, it's difficult to see the harm that people like Trump will bring, but if the end is to return to America's Democratic Socialistic roots, well at least some good will come of the suffering.  It's just sad that it takes such ungodly people to bring out the good.
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